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EPOXY PAINT COATING CHINA SUPPLIER Exterior Water-based Wood Preservative Semi-transparent, Flat Satin Coating/Paint

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• Contains UV absorber to reduce discoloration
of natural wood from exposure
to sunlight.
• Excellent film clarity
• Minimizes tannin bleed even as a selfseal
• Low VOC is less than 2.3 lbs/gal, 275
• No added urea formaldehyde
• Dried film is very light in color which
makes it suitable for finishing over
natural wood or pastel stain colors
• Meets test requirements of the KCMA
over T65F520 and self-sealed
• Excellent mar resistance
• Better resistance to microfoaming than
other latex clears
• Excellent hardness, block resistance
and print resistance
• Good flow and leveling
• Ideal for 4-step system; stain, seal,
sand and topcoat
• Good flexibility - passes 20 KCMA cold
check cycles
• Excellent resistance to blushing
• Reduce with water
• VOC emissions 0.93 lbs/gal, 111 g/l
• Meets the Federal HAPS* rule for
Wood Finishes
• Contains no HAPS solvents
• Free of lead hazards as packaged in
compliance with Consumer Product
Safety Commission's (CPSC) 16 CFR
Chapter II: Subchapter B, part 1303.
*National Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants
(HAPS) Emissions for Wood Furniture
Manufacturing Oper

Gloss (measured on black glass):
Gloss 85+ units
BRE 55-60 units
MRE 38-42 units
DRE 17-21
Weight Solids: 32.0 ± 2%
Volume Solids: 28.4 ± 1%
28-32 seconds #2 Zahn Cup
Recommended film thickness:
Mils Wet 3.0 - 4.0
Mils Dry 0.8 - 1.3
Spreading Rate (no application loss)
338-589 sq ft/gal @ 0.8-1.3 mils DFT
Drying (77°F, 50% RH):
To Touch: 15 minutes
To Handle: 20 minutes
To Sand: 20 - 25 minutes
To Recoat: 30 minutes
To Pack: 8 - 12 hours
To Rub: 24 hours, or 2 hours at
Force Dry: 30 minutes at 120°F, then
air dry 4 hours to pack
Force drying: When humid shop conditions exist,
the required lower relative humidity is achieved
only by raising the temperature 10° to 30°F and
ventilating out the excess moisture.
This product dries primarily by water evaporation.
Best drying occurs at 50% RH or lower
and temperatures of 77°F or higher. Good air
movement is essential for complete drying.
Flash Point: >200°F, Seta Flash
Closed Cup
Package Life: 1 year, unopened,
inside storage, keep
from freezing
Air Quality Data:
Non-photochemically reactive
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
as packaged, maximum, less water
2.3 lb/gal, 274 g/L
Volatile Organic Emissions
as packaged, maximum
0.93 lb/gal, 111 g/L
Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPS) free
as packaged
An Environmental Data Sheet is available from
your local Honest-Joy facility.

Wood (interior only): Must be clean, dry,
and finish sanded. Substrate should be
free of grease, oil, dirt, fingerprints, and
any contamination to ensure optimum
adhesion and coating performance properties.
Moisture content of wood should
be 6 to 8%.
Testing: Due to the wide variety of substrates,
surface preparation methods,
application methods, and environments,
the customer should test the complete
system for adhesion and compatibility
prior to full scale application.
Wood Finishing System:
1.Stain—apply FEIYANG® Water Reducible
Stain and allow to dry.
2. Seal—apply FEIYANG® HONEST JOY®
Plus or T65F520 Sealer at 3.0-4.0 mils
wet. Air dry with good air movement.
Sand with 220 grit paper and remove
all sanding dust.
3. Topcoat—apply topcoat at 3.0-4.0 mils
wet. Dry with good air movement. Apply
an additional topcoat for greater
build. Allow 30 minutes drying between
4. Dry—Allow overnight drying before
packing and 24 hours before rubbing.
Maximum of 4.0 mils dry film thickness
of the system
To make toners and shading lacquers,
add up to 4 oz/gal of HONEST JOY®
NOTE: Do not use Blend-A-Color®
colorants as they are not compatible
with this product.

Typical Setups
Reduction: Apply at full body. If needed
to optimize application, reduce with water
up to 2% by volume. To improve flow
and air release, add Dipropylene Glycol
Monomethyl Ether (DMP), PM Reducer,
R6K34, or Butyl Cellosolve, R6K25, not
to exceed 2% by volume.
Conventional Spray:
Air Pressure ..........................45-55 psi
Fluid Pressure ........................ 5-10 psi
Needle/Tip ........................ .046-.055"
Airless Spray:
Pressure ...................... 1500-1900 psi
Tip ................................................ .011"
Air Assisted Airless:
Air Pressure ..........................15-20 psi
Fluid Pressure ................. 450-850 psi
Tip ...................................... .011-.013"
Reducer ...................................... water
Reduction Rate .... as needed up to 2%
Air Pressure at Cap .................. 6-8 psi
Fluid Pressure .......................... 4-8 psi
Needle/Tip ......................... .046-.055"
Excessive agitation or turbulence on part
immersion or withdrawal may cause
Some applications and equipment setups,
especially air assisted airless and
airless, may be prone to microfoaming
of the wet film which will give lower gloss
and clarity. Do not use higher pressures
than needed for atomization.
After cleaning, flush equipment completely
with water, followed by flushing
with 2 parts water and 1 part Butyl
Cellosolve to remove water residue and
to prevent rusting.

Product Limitations:
• Not recommended for exterior use.
• Use stainless steel spray equipment.
• Tank, piping, and containers should
be lined steel or plastic.
• Mix thoroughly prior to use. Avoid vigorous
agitation which may cause bubbling
or foaming.
• Do not expose to freezing temperatures.
The liquid coating will not
handle any freeze/thaw cycles.
• Pretest the system under shop conditions.
• Excessive wet film thicknesses (>4.0
mils wet) may sag.
• Very low humidity may cause mudcracking
and poor film properties.
• When finishing Redwood, Red or
White Oak, Pine and Cedar wood with
water based finishes, tannins may be
extracted from the wood by the water
and cause staining and/or discoloration
of the stain, sealer, and/or topcoat.
This tannin bleed is most evident with
white or pickled stains and clear topcoats.
Users are urged to thoroughly
test the system under shop conditions.
• Natural Finished Woods (unstained)
will change color on aging and exposure
to light. This is a natural phenomenon.
Clear finishes will not prevent
the wood from changing color.
• Products must be air dried at least
overnight with good air movement before
stacking or packing.
• This product, and other water reducible
clears, may yield a slightly different
color over dye stains than solvent
based clears.
• To maintain HAPS compliance only reduce
with HAPS compliant reducers.
• May be tinted with up to 4 ounces of
HONEST JOY® Colorant per gallon.
Performance Tests:
Cold Check ........................ Pass - 20 cycles
Bell Adhesion Test ............................... Pass
Nickel Adhesion Test ........................... Pass
Print Resistance (4psi/18 hours) .... No Print
24-hour Detergent &
Water Edge Soak ................................. Pass

Thoroughly review product label and
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for
safety and cautions prior to using this

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