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Fast Dry Alkyd Enamel


Alkyd primer and undercoater especially formulated for interior
and exterior surfaces.
Blocks stains bleeding of woods such as cedar, sequoia and


: Wood.
> Seals wood to ensure an even surface .
> Nourishes the wood to prevent fibre splitting and swelling.
: Hardened and dry patching compound .
: Old dry and powdery plaster.
> Seals dry aged plaster.
> Seals porous or veneered surfaces to ensure an even
: Melamine or laminate,
: Factory enamelled metal.
: Already painted or varnished surfaces .
> Ensures a better adhesion of paint on furniture and
cabinets previously painted or varnished.
> Masks former colour to ensure a better rendering of the
new colour.
> Allows transition from alkyd to latex paint.
: Paper wallpaper.
: Seals stains such as :
> Knots and sappy streaks .
> Water, smoke (fire damage).
> Water ring marks on ceiling boards .
> Graffiti.


Walls, ceilings, woodwork, doors, cabinets.
New or maintenance work. Interior and exterior.
New or previously painted surfaces in good condition.
May be overcoated with any alkyd or latex paint.

Remark: Must be cover with a finishing paint.

Use preferably «SICO GoPrime» latex undercoater 190-135 or
170-135 on:
· New or bare gypsum board,
· New or bare aluminum, zinc or galvanized steel ,
· Concrete, concrete blocks, brick, or asbestos shingles,
· New plaster,
· Vinyl wallpaper.


> Ready for use and easy to apply.
> Medium odor.
> Super adherent: Provides adhesion to old coating.
> High hiding: Excellent hiding power.
> Easy to apply and may be easily sanded.
> Super sealing: Ensures a better appearance to the finishing
> May be overcoated with any alkyd or latex paint.
> Contains neither lead nor mercury.


180-135 White
Can be tinted to pastel colors only.
Maximum of 3 ounces of COLORIZER colorants per 3.78 litres.


Gloss 60° 0 to 8%
Sheen 85° Not available
Appearance: Mat
Spreading rate Appreciatively
44 to 52 square meters
(475 to 560 square feet) par
3.78 Litres
Note: Excluding losses caused by variations in application methods, surface porosity, or stirring
Solid Volume (%) 47.0%
Solid Weight (%) 72.5%
Viscosity (K.U.) 80 to 87
Density (g/ml) 1.5
Flammability Combustible liquid
Flash Point (°C) 43°C (109°F)
V.O.C. 399.1 g/L
Note: Tinting of this product can add Volatile Organic Compounds.
Thinner: Hydrocarbons
Binder: Alkyd resin
Pigments and additives: Titanium dioxide, inert
extenders (pigments), driers
(agents) and others.


Type CGSB 1.38-2000.
Type MPI #45


Temperature (°C) 10°C to 30°C (50° to 86°F).
Relative Humidity (%) Ideal: 50%. Maximum: 85%.
Drying Time (25°C; 25% relative humidity)
To touch 4 to 6 hours
Recoating (h) 8 to 16 hours
Full (h) 7 days
Drying will varies according to temperature and relative humidity.

The surface must be dry, clean and free from dust, wax,
soap, old loose paint or other contaminants.
Brush Nylon or Polyester.
Roller 6 mm – 10 mm
Spray gun – Nozzle .013 - .015
Tool Cleaning: "POLYPREP" 875-104
"POLYPREP" 875-105 or
Mineral spirits immediately
after use.


Store in a cool, dry, and ventilated area. Keep temperature
between 10° and 30°C (50° and 86°F).

Product Shelf Life: 4

years under the ideal conditions .


Safety Data Sheet. Keep containers closed when not in use.
Provide adequate ventilation during application and drying.
IMPORTANT: Spray equipment must be handled with due care
and in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations.
Spraying of any material can be hazardous without adequate
protection. Wear respirator, eye protection and protective clothing.


Contains mineral spirits. If swallowed,
do not induce vomiting. Call a physician or poison control center


Surface preparation is a crucial operation. Most problems
blamed on the coating itself are actually caused by poor surface
* Surface Cleaning: Clean the surfa ce with the cleaner best
suited for removing the contaminant on the surface.
> A surface that has been previously coated with an old
finishing product must be cleaned with "POLYPREP"
T.S.P. (771-137) before applying a new product. Rinse
well with clear water.
> Mildew: Wash with a household bleach solution
(1 part household bleach : 3 parts water).
> Grease & oil: Wash well with a concentrated solution of
trisodium phosphate (T.S.P.) "POLYPREP" 771-137.
Rinse well with clear water.
> Chalky paints: Scrub vigorously with a concentrated
solution of trisodium phosphate (T.S.P.) "POLYPREP"
771-137. Rinse well with clear water.
* Stripping… consists in removing old coats of paint and
varnish. If the surface needs to be stripped, use Sico
stripper Polyprep 802-105 or Maxithane 802-273. Directions
are provided on the product instruction booklet and/or label.
* Sanding… removes imperfections on walls, ceilings,
furniture, floors, etc. It also roughens surfaces that are
too glossy.
> Wood: Sand the surface with sandpaper (80 to 120 grit)
along the grain to avoid ripping the wood fibres .
> Glossy surfaces: Lightly sand the surface to take the
gloss off.
> Masonry: Scratch or brush mortar spatters, loose
particles and salt deposits.
Vacuum the residual sanding dust
* Repairing… repair products are used to fix damaged
surfaces. It is important to select the best filling compound
for the job.
> Fill holes and cracks with a compound with stopping. Do
not use oil putty.
* Knots Sealing… prevents knots and sap veins bleeding
on several softwoods.
* Primer or undercoater application : Undercoater coatings
are used to hide formerly applied colours, provide an even
surface, and increase adhesion of paint.
No primer required on:
Painted surfaces in good condition.
New or bare wood.
Dry aged plaster.
Hardened and dry patching compound .
Factory enamelled metal.
Knots in wood
Seal knots and sap streaks with transparent shellac
"POLYPREP" 205-112 or white pigmented "POLYPREP 2"
Gypsum board, dry new plaster, concrete, masonry:
New or bare aluminum, zinc or galvanized steel
Use preferably "SICO GoPrime" 190-135 or 170-135 on
Ferrous or rusted galvanized metal:
Apply one coat of Anti-rust metal primer "Corrostop Ultra" 635-
260 or 635-785.


* Covers or masks off surfaces you don't want to paint and
make sure drop cloths are carefully placed.
* Slowly stir the paint to avoid the forming of bubbles, which
could remain on the surface after drying.
* Pour the quantity of paint needed into another container to
avoid contaminating the original paint can. Cover the paint
can to preserve the paint properties .
* Apply paint generously, leaving no skipped spots or no bade
or excessively coated areas.
* Clean tools.
* Let surfaces dry completely.
* Sand rough spots with a fine sandpaper (120 to 220 grit) and
vacuum the residual sanding dust.
* Generously apply a finishing paint, without leaving behind
uncovered spots or excesses.
Warning: Remove the masking tape after each coat to avoid
ripping off paint at the end.


A finish coat must cover this primer.


Contact your municipality for proper leftover
paint disposal procedure. Recycle if a can recycling program is
available in your community.

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