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Self-Leveing High-build Epoxy Coating Self-Leveing High-build Epoxy Coating /Paint

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HonestEpoxy 11 is a two part 100% solids epoxy specifically designed for underwater repointing, grouting and encapsulation.
HonestEpoxy 11 is a low viscosity liquid that can be mixed with aggregate to encapsulate concrete, timber or steel pilings.
• Versatile Applications
• High Strength adhesion and durability
• Excellent underwater cure
• Forms a pumpable low viscosity epoxy grout
Surface Preparation: Surfaces must be clean, sound and free of any dirt, grease, loose coating, rust, marine growth or any
material that will impede the adhesion of the HonestEpoxy 11 to the substrate. Sandblasting and high pressure water blasting are
preferred methods of preparation and removal of contaminates. When working in tidal or splash zones, coat cleaned areas as
soon as possible to minimize corrosion or contamination.
Mixing: Condition material above 75ºF at time of mixing. Stir each component separately before blending. Thoroughly mix 2 Part
A with 1 Part B for a minimum of three minutes with a low speed drill and mixing paddle until a uniform amber color is achieved.
Plural component pumps may be used. These pumps enable an operator to mix and pump simultaneously and continuously.
These pumps combine a mixing tank, holding hopper, piston pump and its own power system with centrally located separate
controls for the mixer and grout pump.
Epoxy Grout: HonestEpoxy 11 can be mixed with clear dry silica aggregate to make a high strength epoxy resin which will yield
approximately 1 . to 2 cu ft. of epoxy grout depending on the amount of aggregate. The Aggregate should be slowly added to
the thoroughly mixed epoxy resin and blended to a uniform desired consistency.
Pumping Aggregates: Please consult the HonestEpoxy 11 gradation chart to determine pumpability of a specific aggregate. The
properly blended epoxy mortar/grout will have a uniform consistency without any segregation.
Application: HonestEpoxy 11 should be applied at water and surface temperatures of at least 55º F and rising. HonestEpoxy 11
must be mixed above water and transferred to the application with minimal agitation.
Grouting: Pump the mixed epoxy grout from the bottom and/or side of the form, displacing the water, and proceed up. Finish the
top surface with a towel.
Repointing: Mix 3 gallon unit with 5 bags of aggregate to produce a epoxy mortar which can either troweled in or pumped in
using a large pneumatic caulking gun
Compound A – Clear
Compound B – Dark Amber
3 gal/11.4 L units (2 gal A and 1 gal B) 3 to 5 each 44lb bags aggregate
15 gal/56.8 L units (2-5 gal pails A and 1-5 gal pail B) 15 or 25 each 44lb bags aggregate
Minimum substrate temperature is 40 ºF. Do no thin. Solvents will prevent proper cure. Minimum age of concrete must be 5 – 7
days, depending on curing and drying conditions, for mortar. Do not seal slabs on grade with product. HonestEpoxy 11 is vapor
Test Data
Viscosity 500-700 cps
Gel Time 4 hours
Absorption 0.84%
Heat Deflection Temperature 50 ºC
Modified Compression Strength 8,100 PSI
Compression Modulus 217,000 PSI
Tensile Strength 6,000 PSI
% Elongation at Break 6.0%
Filler Content
Shrinkage Pass

Flexural Strength 9,200 PSI
Thermal Compatibility Pass
Mixing Ratio: A:B by volume - 2:1



Compound A – Irritant Compound B – Corrosive
Product is a strong sensitizer. Use of safety goggles and chemical
resistant gloves are recommended. Use of a NIOSH/MSHA
organic vapor respirator is recommended if ventilation is
inadequate. Avoid breathing vapors. Avoid skin contact.
First Aid
EYE CONTACT: Flush immediately with water for at least 15
minutes. Contact physician immediately.
RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS: Remove person to fresh air.
SKIN CONTACT: Remove any contaminated clothing.
Remove epoxy immediately with a dry cloth or paper towel.
Solvents should not be used as they carry the irritant into the skin.
Wash skin thoroughly with soap and water.
EQUIPMENT: Uncured material can be removed with an
approved solvent. Cured material can only be removed
MATERIAL: Collect with absorbent material. Flush area with
water. Dispose of in accordance with local, state and federal
disposal regulations.
HonestEpoxy 11 should be stored in a dry environment between
40°-95 °F. Under these conditions, the shelf life is twelve (12)
months in unopened, damage-free containers.
Technical Services
Complete technical and specification services are available from
the manufacturer and their authorized representatives and
Filing System
Additional literature and the Material Safety Data Sheet can be
obtained from Five Star Honestwater upon request.


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