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High Chemical Resistance Coating High Chemical Resistance Coating Coating/Paint

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Epoxy Coating For Strong Industrial Chemicals
High Chemical Resistance is a two-component, rigid, epoxy coating with excellent resistance
to strong acids and bases, organic acids in moderate concentrations, industrial chemicals and aircraft and
automotive fluids (fuels, lubricants, hydraulic fluids). When seeded or blended with aggregate, it can be
used on properly prepared concrete, steel and wood surfaces to provide a chemical resistant surface with
excellent slip/skid resistance and wear characteristics. The product is ideally suited for use in sewer and
wastewater treatment facilities and in secondary containment. Honest Coating, High Chemical Resistance will
bond to properly prepared dry and damp substrates and cures to a tough, blush-free, tile-like surface. In
outdoor use, the coating is freeze/thaw resistant and will not embrittle but may acquire a slight chalky
surface when exposed to sunlight. This product requires no primer. The standard color is concrete gray

Convenient 2 : 1, by vol. mix ratio
Fast cure for short downtime
Cures to a tough, blush-free, tile-like surface
Bonds to dry and damp substrates.
Does not embrittle when exposed to direct sunlight
Resistant to most strong industrial chemicals
Environmentally safe- No VOC solvents
Limitations: Do not apply on wet substrates. Minimum
installation and cure temperature is 50 deg F. Apply after daily
substrate temperature has peaked. Substrates on or below
grade must have a functioning vapor barrier to minimize the
potential for blistering or delaminating of the applied coating.
Do not add solvents or otherwise thin this material.
Packaging & Colors: Standard package sizes of Part A &
Part B are 3 and 15 gallons. Standard color is Concrete gray
(beige-gray); brick red (special order).
Shelf Life: Three years minimum in unopened, original
containers when stored between 60 and 90 deg F in a dry
place away from sunlight. Remixing of components may be
required upon long-term storage
Chemical Resistance: Honest Coating, High Chemical
Resistance provides excellent resistance to water, detergent
and salt solutions, alcoholic and carbonated beverages,
gasoline, kerosene, crude, fuel and mineral oil, strong alkali
and inorganic acids in concentrations up to 25% and to most
organic acids. Exposure to organic acids, strong acids and
alkali in higher concentrations, hot water (above 140 F),
bleaches and other highly corrosive chemicals should be
occasional and time limited. Resistance under these conditions
should be determined by actual test before the product is
applied. Honest Coating, High Chemical Resistance has limited
resistance to hydrocarbon solvents. Performance is a function
of the specific chemical and concentration, ambient and
solution temperatures, exposure times and housekeeping
procedures. For information on specific chemicals and
exposure conditions, contact a ChemCo Systems, Inc.,
technical representative.

Surface Preparation: Concrete surfaces may be dry or damp
(not wet) though dry substrates are preferred and must be
sound and free of all bond-inhibiting substances. Prepare
surfaces in accordance with ASTM D 4259 or ACI 503R and
ChemCo Systems’ specific recommendations. Cleaned
concrete surfaces should have a minimum strength of 250 psi
in direct tension. Steel surfaces should be cleaned to "white
metal" according to SSPC SP 5. Galvanized steel and
aluminum are difficult substrates to coat and require special
surface preparation.
Mixing: Honest Coating, High Chemical Resistance is a twocomponent
system. The resin to hardener (Part A: Part B) mix
ratio is 2 : 1, by volume. Read all material safety data (MSDS)
information before handling the product. Wear safety glasses
and clean neoprene rubber gloves when handling the
materials. Premix the individual components before use.
Transfer appropriate quantities of Part A and Part B into a
mixing container. Use quantities that can be applied before the
pot life of the mixed material expires. Blend thoroughly using a
Jiffy mixer blade attached to a low speed (350 - 750 rpm)
electric or pneumatic drill. Proper mixing will take 2 - 3 minutes.
Installing: The recommended applied thickness for floor end
wall coatings is two coats minimum at 6 - 8 mils per coat. Apply
in multiple thin coats rather than one thick coat using a stiff
bristle brush, short nap roller, squeegee or two-component
spray equipment. Subsequent coats may be applied as soon
as the previous coat is touch- dry (6 - 7 hr @ 70 F). Avoid
excessive cure times between coats. The recommended
applied thickness for floor surfacings is single or multiple coats
at 20 - 30 mils per coat. Pour mixed material onto the substrate
and spread to the desired coverage with a V-notch trowel or
squeegee. Aggregate, if used, must be broadcast onto the
coating within 15 minutes of application. The recommended
aggregate size is #20 x 0 or #30 x 50 mesh. Typical aggregate
broadcast rates are .75 - 1.50-lb/sq ft.
Approximate Yield
Coating Thickness, mil Square feet/gallon
15 105
20 80
25 64
30 53

Property ( 2)                         Test Method        Value
Mix Ratio, A:B,       by vol                                2: 1
by wt                                100: 35
Color:              Part A          VISUAL               Concrete beige-gray
Part B                               Clear amber
Mixed                               Concrete beige-gray
Weight per Gallon, lb: Part A         ASTM D 1475          12.1
Part B                                8.4
Mixed                                10.9
Viscosity, p:         Part A         ASTM D 2393           115
Part B                                7
Mixed                                35
Gel Time, 200 g, minutes            ASTM D 2471          37
Recoat Time, hours  @ 60 F        CHEMCO              8 - 72
@ 73 F                               4 - 24
@ 90 F                               2 - 10
Tensile Strength, psi                ASTM D 638           6200
Elongation at Break, %              ASTM D 638           2.0
Compressive Yield Strength, psi      ASTM D 695           12,000
Compressive Modulus, psi           ASTM D 695           430,000
Heat Deflection Temperature, deg F  ASTM D G48           110
Hardness, Shore D                 ASTM D 2240          85
Taber Abraser, mg loss             ASTM D 4060          120 (3)
(1) The properties listed are typical and descriptive of the product and should not be used for specification purposes. For specification
preparation, reference the ChemCo Systems, Inc., product guideline specification.
(2) Cure schedule, 7 days at 73 ± 4 F and test temperature, 73 ± 4 F unless otherwise indicated.
(3) CS-17 wheels, 1000 g load, 1000 cycles.
Clean up: Excess mixed product is best removed from the work area and tools before it hardens. Use of rags and solvents
such as acetone or heavy-duty detergents facilitate cleaning. Cured product may be removed from tools by soaking in an epoxy
Handling and Toxicity: This bulletin does not accompany the product when sold. For hazard warnings, safe handling and first
Part A: Liquid epoxy resin, HMIS Health Hazard Rating- 2 (Moderate Hazard). Warning! Causes eye and skin irritation. May
cause allergic skin reaction. Harmful if swallowed. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Wash thoroughly after handling.
Avoid prolonged or repeated contact with skin.
Part B: Liquid epoxy hardener, HMIS Health Hazard Rating- 3 (Serious Hazard). Contains alkaline amines. Danger! Causes
severe eye and skin burns. May cause allergic skin and respiratory reaction. Combustible, corrosive. Do not get in eyes or skin
or on clothing. Avoid breathing vapor. Keep container closed. Use only with adequate ventilation. Wash thoroughly after
handling. Keep away from heat and open flame.

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